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  • What is a Handloom?

What is a Handloom?

This is a machine that’s used for weaving and it’s requiring manual power in order to work. The device is very simple and it’s not automatic, which means that a person needs to be in front of it in order to operate it properly.

Weaving with a Handloom is very easy and it doesn’t require a lot of knowledge. This makes it a versatile and professional tool that can be used by expert weavers but it will also cater to beginners. Most of the Handloom models feature a wooden vertical shaft where the heddles are put into place. 

The way the Handloom works is a warp thread will pass through a heddle as well as a space found in between the heddles which is called the shed. When the weaver will raise the shaft of the Handloom he will actually raise half of the threads that are currently going through the heddles. As you can expect, lowering the shaft will lower the same thread. An important thing to note is that the threads that are passing through the spaces are kept in place. The Handloom is not a new discovery, instead it was used by the Chinese and many other Asian cultures well before it arrived to Europe!

Why use a handloom?

Even though a handloom might not be the best option in the weaving industry, there are still companies are professionals that still use it. There are plenty of reasons why a Handloom can still be a very good option:

  • You get much better control over the weaving process. You won’t rely on machines and instead you can make changes on the spot which offers better quality results.
  • You can control the working speed and weave with better accuracy which is not the option for mechanized models.
  • It’s inexpensive so you can easily acquire a Handloom in case you need one. Usually many weavers still have a handloom because it’s functional and it can help them treat special threads with extra care.
  • Since it doesn’t rely on electricity, the Handloom can be used at any given time even if you don’t have any source of electricity. And while it’s heavy, you can move it and use it wherever you want, all thanks to the fact that you don’t need to plug it in at all.
  • Gaurav Agrawal